Weatherman’s Guide to Exterior Paint in Massachusetts

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In New England, our weather runs the gamut. From hot, humid summers to catastrophic snowstorms, we’ve seen it all. Although built to withstand lots of different environmental conditions, extreme weather can still take a toll on your exterior paint in Massachusetts. With The Paint Doctors, we pride ourselves on providing an affordable service that will protect your home for years to come.


The biggest problem you’ll face when it comes to New England winters are moisture. First, constant temperature fluctuations will cause your home’s wood to expand and contract, weakening the bond between the paint and the surface. This can cause cracks and other places for moisture to get in. This moisture can cause even further damage. To combat this problem, The Paint Doctors suggest painting during dry months to prevent any moisture getting in from the get-go. It’s also best to work on a smooth surface, so make sure you really sand!


Like winter, spring can cause problems because of the moisture. As snow melts and there’s an abundance of rain, some water is bound to get behind your paint’s surface. Take precautions by using paint specifically designed for outdoor use, and leave it to a professional, like those here at The Paint Doctors to apply it correctly.


Again, summer humidity can occasionally cause problems with exterior paint in Massachusetts. But heat and sunlight can be a factor here as well. Using a cheap paint can sometimes lead to fading in direct sun, as well as blistering and cracking can occur. To prevent blistering, make sure each layer of paint is dried before applying the next, and avoiding painting on hot surfaces. If the surface temperature is too high, the paint will dry too fast and solvent vapors may get trapped.


Ah, the perfect season. If you haven’t noticed, moisture and extreme temperature are the enemy of exterior paint. Fall is mild and dry, which means for excellent painting conditions. All you need to do to protect your home during the fall is prepare for the winter.

Regardless of the time of year, The Paint Doctors are some of the best, most affordable painters in New England. Give us a call at (978)-226-8908 for all of your exterior paint in MA needs.

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