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Everything eventually needs a checkup. From your body to your car, to your home. It’s important to stay on top of scheduled maintenance to avoid more serious and costly problems down the line. If you’ve let your home’s exterior paint job go unchecked, call The Paint Doctors. We’re the best exterior painters in MA, and we’ll get your symptoms diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible.


Blistering Paint

Diagnosis: Small air bubbles characterize blistering paint under a painted surface. They can occur for a multitude of reasons. If the painter applied the paint on a hot surface in direct sunlight, the paint dried too quickly and prevented the solvent vapor from escaping. Painting damp wood can also cause blisters because the moisture expands the paint film.



Diagnosis: Alligatoring occurs because cracks in the paint cause the surface to be comparable to an alligator’s skin. It occurred when the second coat of paint was applied before the first had dried completely. Additionally, it can also indicate the paints used weren’t compatible – such as a glossy paint over latex paint. Oil-based paints naturally age and lose elasticity, and these patterns can happen due to frequent changes in temperature.


Peeling Paint

Diagnosis: Peeling paint is a pretty obvious problem. Pieces of paint are coming off your exterior surface, typically revealing the layer of paint underneath it. It’s usually a result of poor adhesion or moisture. Poor adherence can occur if the paints used are incompatible, or an oil-based paint was applied on a wet surface.


Regardless of your symptoms, exterior painters in MA like The Paint Doctors can diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution. We will take painstaking care to remove the damaged paint, clean and sand underneath, and reapply fresh paint. Give us a call at (978)-226-8908 to set up an appointment. The Paint Doctors are in!

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