Exterior Paint Maintenance Tips from Merrimack Valley Painters

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Although paint color is mainly an aesthetic choice, exterior paint acts as a barrier between your home and the elements. Keeping up to date with maintenance can extend the life of your paint and minimize the effects of weather on your home. Read on for tips from Merrimack Valley painters about keeping the outside of your house in top shape.

Causes of Exterior Paint Damage

Repainting your home can seem like a significant expense, but it’s worth it. It’s much more affordable than having to repair or replace exterior siding because of weathering or rot. For example, moisture is a catalyst for damage. A worn paint barrier may let in more moisture than it should, causing rot and decay underneath the surface. Annual inspections are an excellent way to catch any problems before they become out of control.

Timeline of Exterior Paint Jobs

How long paint will last depends on the quality of the paint and the artistry of the painters. Merrimack Valley painters here at The Paint Doctors provide affordable, high-quality services you know are going to last. It’s important to take the appropriate steps before painting, such as sanding away the previous layer of paint and assessing the siding and wood for any existing damage. Being thorough and using high-quality materials can extend the life of your exterior paint job and minimize work in the future.

What Does “Maintenance” Mean?

You may be wondering what maintenance means when it comes to painting. Keeping the surface clean and preventing dirt and grime build up will not only keep the outside of your home looking nice, but will also make it easy to spot any damage. We recommend pressure washing your home at least once a year. You should examine your home’s caulking for evidence of damage beyond normal wear and tear on an annual basis as well. Be sure to pay particular attention to the spots where your home gets the most sun – this is where cracking and peeling is most likely to occur.

With good work and quality paint, a home’s exterior paint job can last 7-10 years. Our experienced Merrimack Valley painters want to educate our customers and help them get the most out of our services. For more information, please call (978)-226-8908.

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