Fall is Perfect for Exterior Painters

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September and October are the perfect time to tackle that exterior paint project you’ve been thinking about. With proper care, a home’s exterior paint job can last 7-10 years! Putting in just a little work each year can save you thousands in repairs and replacements. If you’re in the market for an exterior painter, read these tips to see why now is the time to act!

Ideal Temperatures

Although it may be evident that it’s not a good idea to paint the outside of your home in the dead of New England winter, did you know summer isn’t necessarily ideal either? The high heat and intense sun can make your paint job must more difficult. In addition to the paint not reacting well to being applied to a hot surface, painters are more susceptible to heat stroke or fainting in the warmer months. Fall offers a perfect, comfortable temperature for painting. As it gets closer to winter, however, be cautious. Paint is best applied in temperatures above 50 degrees, although some high-quality paints can withstand temperatures in the mid-30s.

Weaker Sun

In addition to lower temperatures, the sun isn’t as strong as it was three months ago. The weaker sunlight won’t heat up the surface of your home as much, allowing the exterior paint to adhere to the surface of your home correctly. In fact, the sun is in your favor. Unlike painting in summer, exterior painters should first apply the paint on the sunniest side of your home, and follow the sun as it moves. To be able to do this, it’s best to paint between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Fall Warnings

It may sound like painting in the fall is perfect, but there are some things to watch out for. Lower temperatures mean longer drying times, so be sure to give each layer at least 24 hours to dry. In addition, moisture is not your friend. Be aware of the dew point and any moisture on your surface before applying.

With all these precautions and procedures, exterior painting can seem like too much of a hassle. It is, however, an essential part of home maintenance. If you need a paint job before the snow falls, call one of our expert exterior painters here at The Paint Doctors ((978)-226-8908).

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