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Every year, different styles and colors come out as the “hottest” trend. We think that it’s your home, and you should paint it whatever color you like. But if you’re all about the newest trends, we’ll help you pick a color scheme that would turn Chip and Joanna green with envy. As interior painters, we hear about all the newest trends earlier than even the savviest home magazines. In turn, we can pass these fashion insights on to you and get the job done for a reasonable price.


From what we can tell, it looks like pastels are making a comeback in a big way. French vanilla hued living rooms and mint green bathrooms and hazelnut bedrooms oh my! These colors are popular because they aren’t dull white, but the color is never overpowering. They let design pieces and furniture take center stage, but tie everything together with a similar color scheme. Additionally, they can add just a touch of warmth to space when the sun is just right.

Earth Tones

Have you ever heard Monaco? Not the city-state in Western Europe, the color. It’s a dark blue reminiscent of blue jeans, or the ocean. Some may be skeptical of its ability to act as a neutral color, but it indeed goes with everything. Go ahead, think about every piece of furniture you own and try and tell us it doesn’t look beautiful in front of a dark blue background. Other earth tones, like clay or burnt orange, can create a calming effect in bedrooms and living rooms.


Whether you spell it with an “e” or an “a” gray is here to stay. It has risen in popularity over the last few years due to its neutral tone and ability to clean up any space. It has similar properties to white but hides dust and scuffs much more effectively. You can expect to see a rise in other colors that have gray undertones, like faint lilac or dull green.

Whether you like to stay on top of home decor trends out of curiosity or because you’re renovating your home, we’ve got you covered. We can help you choose the perfect color for your space, whether it’s in fashion or not. For more information, please call (978)-226-8908.

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