The Importance of Light When Choosing a Paint Color

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When it comes to choosing a paint color in your home, there are lots of things to consider. Dark colors can make a room feel warm but sometimes small. Light colors, on the other hand, brighten a room and make it appear larger. You should also think about how the colors make you feel, and personal preference of course! But just because a color sample is beautiful in the store, it may not look the same on your wall. Next time you’re thinking about interior painting, try leaving an example on the wall for a little while to make sure you love it in all lights.

Time of Day

The amount of light, and the kind of light, that comes into any given room in your home depends on a lot of things. For one, the time of day can have a strong influence on how a color appears. North facing rooms will add a cool hue to the color choice, while south facing rooms get the benefit of “high in the sky” sun, making them brighter. East facing rooms will brighten in the morning, while west-facing rooms can appear darker due to morning shadows.

Type of Light

The kind of light you use in the room can also impact the way the color looks on your wall. Do you have recessed lighting? Floor lamps? The type of light bulb can also make an impact. Incandescent bulbs add warmth, while fluorescents will cool the tone slightly. Make sure you try turning lights on during different times of day to make sure you love the color at all times. You don’t only have to match the furniture and flooring!

Our best advice when interior painting is to be sure you love the color you’re choosing. When going based off samples from stores, you may be negatively influenced because of the store’s lighting, or even the sun! Paint a small square on your wall and admire it all day long, to be safe! For more information about our services, click here for our site.

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