Exterior and Interior Painting

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Exterior Painting

-We will cover all bushes & plants and at jobs completion we will clean the entire work area
-We will protect all areas not being painted from paint drops (such as sidewalks & driveways)
-All homes are power washed to remove dirt and mildew, which provides a clean surface for the paint to adhere to
-Scrape & sand all loose paint
-Any home built prior to 1978, we will take proper lead safe precautions
-Caulking will be applied to all joint areas & any previously caulked areas to prevent moisture from penetrating behind the wood surfaces
-Primer is applied to all bare wood areas before the topcoat to improve adhesion
-We apply coatings using various methods such as: spraying, brushing & back rolling. Typically trim is always hand painted & the body of your home will either be sprayed or hand painted. This depends upon what each area requires.

Interior Painting

-We move furniture & cover with plastic for protection
-Protect floors with drop cloths
-Clean up all areas where work was performed
-Repair cracks and holes
-Fill nail holes, as needed
-Caulk gaps where trim meets walls and ceilings
-Sand surfaces
-Prime all bare wood and any other surfaces as needed
-Use stain blocking primers on smoke and water stains

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